Exploring Lewis and Clark by Thomas P. Slaughter Analytical Book Review

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Analytical Book Review 2

The book I chose was the Exploring Lewis and Clark by Thomas P. Slaughter. This book was an analytical perspective over the journal entries that Lewis and Clark had written during their expedition west, and also of the men and women who accompanied them along their way. Slaughter's purpose for his book was to broaden the perspective of his readers about Lewis and Clark's expedition; "Exploring Lewis and Clark uses the documentary record of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to different ends than most other books about the men and the event. It considers the meeting between peoples of different races in places that gave those encounters meaning" (Introduction xvii). This excerpt explains the books purpose and gives the reader an idea on what the contents of the book are.

Slaughter's thesis explains the significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition west going beneath the traditional narrative of the journey by looking beyond the perspectives of the explorers themselves; " It is about dreams, spirits, myths, writing, and history…It is about time, place, and spirituality.

It is about naming, discovery, and being an explorer, finding yourself, and losing your way" (Introduction xiii). This excerpt shows Slaughters direction with his thesis and also gives the reader an idea on the parameters of the expedition by Lewis and Clark.

Slaughter did an amazing job proving his thesis through the means that he listed in the previous excerpt. Slaughter took an interesting approach to his book by starting it off as a dream. It is unclear as to whose dream it is but Slaughter used great description and imagery to paint a picture of the dream for his reader's minds. The dream then turned into a reality as he brought his reader to the present moment. The story...