Analog to Digital Imaging

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The topic that I have chosen is about the emerging of analog to digital imaging. The project is focuses on the technology changes of photos that taken by analogue camera and the new digital still camera. The project also focuses on how digital imaging has taken place of based-film camera as personal used and business publishing. It is to be a media production. The approaches that I have taken to do the media production are; gathering information of both analogues and digital images, collect and select appropriate pictures for video shooting, develop the storyboard, video shooting stage, capture and edit footages in computer, and final stage is testing the production.

It is about the comparison of analogues with digital camera. The digital camera captured images and convert to digital values into the binary numbers which are zero and one. Where as analog camera captured images electronically presented of continuous analog wave form (

There are different in capturing process, speed and imaging process. Today, the new digital still camera still having problem of delaying from the startup, the times between photos; it takes few seconds to boot up camera and before taking the photos, the delay of pressing shutter button and images actually captures, it takes time for the camera to digitise images to its storage card and it is impossible to take another photos during that processing times (couple seconds). There are also disadvantages of digital still cameras in the different type of storage cards and they are not compatible with other. The limitation of storage and sizes on these cards are difference, for example: Compact Flash's cards store of maximum of 128 mega bytes and they are larger than Smart Media cards. Smart Media cards are more cheaper but limited in storage size (32-64 mega bytes) and they...