Analysis and Evaluation of "Things Fall Apart".

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I. Summary

"Things Fall Apart" tells the story of the life of the main character, Okonkwo, from an outside narrator. There are different spatial setting throughout the story including Iguedo and Mbanta while the temporal setting is at the turn of the 19th century. In the beginning of the story Okonkwo was one of them most respected men of his tribe and was constantly moving up the social ladder yearning to join the lords of the tribe. However, after committing crimes against the tribe such as breaking the sacred Week of Peace and committing the murder of one of the tribe's kinsmen, Okonkwo is exiled from the tribe and is not to return for seven years.

It is while in exile that Okonkwo's life truly falls apart. For while in exile Okonkwo loses his work ethic, that his life revolved around. Okonkwo dreads that upon return to his clan he would not be known as the highly respected man he was before being exiled.

However, Okonkwo's former reputation would not have mattered upon his return anyway for while in exile Okonkwo's former clan was taken over by white men. After the seven years Okonkwo does return to his tribe in Iguedo and with all the changes brought upon by the white people he finds it impossible to reclaim the noble stature that he had when he left. Okonkwo is emotionally crushed for his life goal is now unreachable and he now has to give into the British control. Okonkwo gives up and puts an end to all of his problems by killing himself shortly after his return to his homeland.

II. Character.

Okonkwo's character changes drastically throughout the story. For Okonkwo went from a proud, strong, quick-tempered man that was well known throughout his land, to a man full of...