Analysis of downsizing

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Executive Summary

As requested, Team 3 has completed its analysis of downsizing as it relates to your company's vision to become a stronger and more financially stable organization. The following report details our recommendations for how to proceed to achieve the most efficient and effective results within the organization, protecting the interests of the company while considering the needs of the employees you will release, and those who will remain. Our recommendations detail the general problems that the company will face as a result of the decision to downsize, and then presents challenges and concerns to address in each of the three phases of the downsizing operation: prior to the downsizing, during the downsizing, and after the downsizing is complete.

We have defined the pre-downsizing phase to incorporate all efforts from the executive decision to downsize through the planning process to prepare for downsizing. The 'during' phase includes the official announcement that downsizing will occur, selection of the positions that you will terminate and the actual meetings to release employees and restructure the organization.

The 'post' downsizing phase relates to completing the restructuring of the organization and leading the new organization into an efficient and profitable future.

These recommendations come following an extensive review of your internal records, interviews with key personnel, and analysis of the firm as a whole. We are confident that if the company carries out the plan identified herein, that your firm will have the best possible opportunity to achieve the positive, intended effects of downsizing, while avoiding the numerous negative, destructive side-effects that frequently accompany an effort to reduce workforce.


Downsizing - Releasing Employees and Caring for Those Who Remain


The following technical report responds to the company's request for a comprehensive review of the organization to provide recommendations for carrying out a...