Analysis of Mein Kampf Volume 1 in Depth (Inside the mind of Hitler).

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This essay analyzes Volume 1 of the book Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf is a book dictated by former Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler while imprisoned at the Landsberg Castle in 1924. The essay describes the origins of Hitler's ideals which were ultimately based on racism and how he acquired those racist views which he would later use as the basis for his altered view of nationalism which evolved into a dynamic ideology.

During Hitler's stay in prison, the Socialist movement in Germany was thriving, and it seemed, at least in one form or another to be the choice of most parties old and new. In attempting to lay the groundwork for Reich owned industries and Reich controlled industrial profits while protecting the average worker, and thus creating an economically independent Germany the Socialist movement thus called for the destruction of capitalism. As one might guess, many of these parties, including the NSDAP were made up of the Proletariat, and realizing that capitalism had made some very well off it nevertheless turned them into paupers after the war as a result of an international economy.

Furthermore the fact that capitalism had never done anything for them, those among the Proletariat or working class seen no value in capitalism at all. There thoughts were that a man could work hard and make a success of himself, only to have it all taken away due in large part to international issues out of their control. A very large part of this Socialist movement furthermore contained one key word that was consistent in nearly every party gathering regardless of how they defined the word Socialist, and a word that will forever live in German infamy, and that word was nationalism. In short this involved bringing all Germans into one State or Reich, though the meaning...