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INTRODUCTION The movie "Field of Dreams", demonstrates many issues, in regards to human development. Something can be taken and said about each actor's character; from Kevin Kostner's role, to his wife, his daughter, and even his brother, to that of James Earl Jones role, Doc and the rest of the ball players, and even the old men at the local farm store. This movie, which has an incredible plot and which was very successful, accurately portrays behavioral, mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual characteristics of each and every stage of human development.

BODY The following is a list of character's and their related stage of development. Related issues that were portrayed for each stage will be discussed.

Ray Kinsella The main character of the story can be considered to be entering the middle adulthood stage. This stage is characterized by child rearing, career success, and household management. This all boils down to becoming one's own self, in the eyes of themselves, rather than through the eyes of one's parents or society.

All of this is seen in Ray's character. He is the father, the husband, and the breadwinner. Then a voice comes to him asking him to do something out of the ordinary. Dig up his farm and create a baseball field. This creates a conflict within himself and his life. Creating this field will undoubtedly lead to a lack of corn, which will decrease his profits and might even cost him his property. On top of the possibility of losing his farm, the possibility of not being able to support his family is even greater. However, Ray decides to follow the voice, the dream, and the idea of becoming himself. In the end, things work out for Ray, he redeems his relationship with his father, his past, and lastly...