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In his short story "A Rose for Emily", William Faulkner showed much foreshadowing. In chronological order: Not many people in town felt much for Miss Emily because of her crazy great Aunt. The town felt as if Emily's family thought they were better than everybody else because of them being wealthy. Emily, slender at the time, was very picky with her men and seemed as though her father controlled her (daddy's girl). In her thirties, and still single, her father died. For three days she kept her father in the house, telling everyone that came to visit "that her father was not dead", until finally on the third day she broke down and the town buried her father quickly.

Miss Emily was only left with the house, left behind by her deceased father. She was sick for quite some time and soon after recovering, made an appearance in public where people noticed that she had cut her hair to possibly look younger.

Not long after, construction crews came into town to work on some newly projected sidewalks. One of those workers, a Northerner, by the name of Homer Barron, soon became an interest by Miss Emily. The town gosipers were puzzled on why a "Grierson" would have any interest with a day laborer. Miss Emily seemingly in love dazzled the town. One day she made a visit to the druggist, requesting for some rat poison, then demanding the name arsenic rat poison. Now the word was out, Miss Emily is going to kill herself. As the relationship went on, Emily soon realized that Homer was a lady's man and just a one-woman-man. She poisoned him, but left no regrets to doing so. She would make her way to town buying men clothing and several other items that married...