Anaylsis of "The Pardoners Tale" of "Canterbury Tales" by Chaucer.

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A relationship is and can be the relation conneecting or binding participants in a relationship as a kinship. A realtionship can be a girlfriend and a boyfriend, husband and wife, sister and brother, or a friendship pf no kin simply love. Have you ever had a realtionship gp sour? Do you remember what is was over? A ginuwine relationship so hold up through thick and thin, and is hard to find.

In "Canterbury Tales" particularly " The Pardoner's Tale" relationships an friendships are put to the true test. In "The Pardoners Tale" there are 3 close friends who have been drinking and see a funeral. They then get curious, and after asking find out that the man that died is one of their friends also. After finding this news out they are set out to find death. On their rage to find death they come across a poor old man eho they believe is past his time.

The old man seems unready to die because he says "one who would change his youth to have my age is mine and must still upon me, for such time as God may will." He is proud of his age. The 3 men acuse the old man of being in partnership with death to kill the younger people. When the real reason is because of their own sillyness. The old man tells them that if Death is who they're looking for he's sure he knows where they can asurley find it. He tells them not to far down the road he saw Death under an Oak tree. The 3 men go there and find gold coins, As soon as the gold is found they begin plotting. They thought that it was best they wait until dark to move the...