Ancient China Comparison Essay

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Ancient China Comparison Essay Ancient China and Japan have many similarities as well as uniqueness'. The Chinese's writings mention that Japan was in existence at that time of China's earliest empires and dynasties. It's a wonder how the Japanese could show signs of existence to the Chinese because Japan is an island, while China was a very isolated country, which only thought that life revolved around the people pf their defensive walls. The Chinese and the Japanese both had a centralized bureaucratic government, which means that both countries were ruled by and emperor or empress, and the imperial court made the decisions.

China's isolation were relative towards the fact that they blocked others beliefs, goods, and territories. For example, China had the Yangtze River, which ran through the mountains of their territories. Which made them not depend on other areas goods because they had plenty of areas where they could retrieve their own.

Japan on the other hand was trading with other city-states and territories, religious beliefs and goods, too. Japan's imperial court accepted Buddhism beliefs into their culture. Also, they had an abundance amount of sea goods, with them being an island and they evolved into good trading positions