Ancient egypt.

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Ancient Egypt

An Ancient Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient Egypt had many cities along the Nile River. This gave them a good trade route. The cities were there for a while because they had statues that took years to make. Two ancient cities found 13 miles east of Alexandria were found. They had remains of old houses, temples and colossal statues.

Before Upper and Lower Egypt were united, a king ruled each area. The king of Lower Egypt wore a red crown and the king of Upper Egypt wore a white crown. In 3100 B.C., Menes, the king of Upper Egypt united the country. The united country was then divided into 40 regions. There was a governor for each region. Each governor had to listen to the pharaoh. The pharaoh was the highest person in the government and had all power over the people. Pharaohs wore a double crown to represent Upper and Lower Egypt.

The pharaohs made Egypt a rich and powerful nation. Egypt had one of the first organized governments. Scribes kept the government running by keeping records. Farmers had to give 3/5 of the crops to the pharaoh as a tax. The Egyptians also had to spend a few months every year working on the Pyramids.

They were polytheistic. They believed in life after death so they buried their kings and people that meant a lot. The buried the kings in huge Pyramids with treasures and jewels so that when they came back they would be happy

They had job-specializations. People had their own thing to do. Whether it is help carry the giant blocks for the pyramids or making the cement that held it together.

The Egyptians have seven classes, one of which is the priests, and another that is the warriors, while the others are...