King Tutankhamen

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Was King Tutankhamen murdered? That question is posed by Bob Brier's 1998 book "The Murder of Ttutankhamen: A True Story." Tutankhamen lived and died 3,000 years ago, and a later pharaoh tried to erase him from Egyptian history. Until the rediscovery of his tomb, little was known about Tutankhamen's life. Even today it is difficult to piece together his life. There is a possibility that there was a secret upheaval of aides that wanted to rule Egypt themselves. Many have pondered if given enough time could Tutankhamen turned Egypt back into the luxurious land that it was before his father, Akhenaten, left the capital to build his own version of Egypt, or would he have continued to rule as his father had? With his unexpected death he was never given the opportunity to prove himself to the people of Egypt. Also with these untimely circumstances he failed to produce a successor to the throne, so his widow would have to remarry.

Thus resulting in the breaking of the blood lineage, which had a significant part in Egyptian history. All of the past kings came into power thru something the Egyptian considered as bloodline hereditary. The pharaoh's were perceived to have royal blood flowing through their veins because they were appointed from God. So until the death of Tut, and him not being able to leave a successor, the new king would not possess this blood. Even in death Tutankhamen had a lasting impression on Egyptian history because for the first documented time in their history his successor would possibly result in one of his sides becoming king or even a mere commoner. This new Egypt was indeed ruled by lesser men, but only one of them wanted to return Egypt back to its tradition of leadership before the tragedies struck.