Ancient Greece - what did they ever do for you?

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Ancient Greece - what did they ever do for you?

Everyone should thank Greece. Think of all the things they gave us. Can't think of many? Well here's a list of all the things you would ever need from them!

1) Democracy may be one of the most important and well-organized form of government ever created. Citizens have the right to choose and vote for there own laws. In Ancient Rome, they had an assembly that all male citizens over 18 could go and vote for laws, or make a statement. The only unfair thing about this version was that women could not vote or have anything to do with government.

2) Trial by Jury was a very important thing in courts. When a man was brought to the courtroom, people (I'm Ancient Rome they had as many as 500) would vote to see if the man was guilty or innocent.

Jurors are paid, and rich or poor could be them.

3) Theater was something that people saw daily. A comedy was something where the story of the play was funny, and had happy endings and left the audience smiling. A tragedy was were the plot was sad, and left a teary ending. Everyone enjoyed these, and it usually was free.

4) Epic poems were made to tell stories to small children. They were long, and usually took weeks to tell the whole story. They told about journeys, tales, thieves, and heroes. They taught morals and brought smiles to faces.

5) Myths were told to explain things people couldn't. They were all about the gods and goddesses. Thunder would strike when Zeus was mad, and winter came because Demeter was mad that her daughter was gone. These taught people why things happened so no one would wonder.

6) Philosophy was...