Ancient Greece's Contributation To Today

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Even though people today don't think about it and take it for granted, Ancient Greek came up with many things in which are still used or still effects the western civilizations today. They made many contributions in art, architecture, philosophy, math, drama, and even science.

There are many examples, which show this such as Myron's famous marble sculpture of The Discus Thrower that represents an Olympic event. This statue reveals the athletes most perfect and graceful from. People in Ancient Greece would gather ever four years, in the sacred valley of Olympia. They would hold many different sports and the winners would get a material reward, which was a wreath made of olive leaves and also would be known through out Ancient Greece as the best in the sport they competed in. Now in the western civilizations the same thing happens. Athletes from all over come to compete in many different sports and get a medal and known the winner.

A creation in the architecture subject was the buildings of Ancient Greece. The design of a simple rectangle, with tall columns spread out evenly supporting a gently sloping roof. This is still in some ways used today. Many big, important government buildings use this type or design of buildings to make buildings look grand and well presented. In Ancient Greece these types of buildings were used in temples of Gods and Goddesses. Today some of these types of buildings are used to present our heroic past, such as the Lincoln Memorial.

Not only buildings influence the western civilizations there are many famous Greece citizens which have. Euclid is one of them. He was a mathematician, which was well known and wrote a book called The Elements. This book is the basis of modern geometry.

Another famous and still known...