Ancient roman games

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Ancient Roman Games

Just like we do in the present day, ancient Romans enjoyed playing board games, just as much as all of us. Backgammon, Mancala, and Merels, were well-liked games played during Julius Caesars time by Romans. Also, all three are still popular today in many areas of the world.

Backgammon was a very popular game during ancient roman times. The players must have a board with four tables of six thin triangles, and a bar through the middle. In addition to play, you need two dice, two dice shakers, fifteen white disks and fifteen black disks, and a doubling cube, with 2,4,8,16,32, and 64, imprinted on all its sides. The object of backgammon is for a player to move all their disks to his home table. The rules of the game, are, you can only move in a certain direction, depending on if your pieces are black or white.

Mostly, backgammon is played for stakes, and tournament play. In order to finish the game, your pieces must be removed from your inner table off the game before your opponent.

Merels, also recognized as Nine Men Morris, is played on a board consisting of three squares inside each other from the middle of the inner square sides. Also it has four lines from the middle of the inner squares sides. There are twenty-four playable points and it is played nine black pieces and nine white

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pieces. The object of the game is to reduce the opponent's pieces to less than three or to make it so your opponent has no moves. White goes first, and players take a turn placing there pieces on an unoccupied point, until all eighteen pieces have been placed on the board. The pieces must be moved to an adjacent line,