"And thus while I listened, th

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"And thus while I listened, the future became the present unchallenged; and all too soon the regretted past".

Paul's growth to maturity is the central concern of the novel To what extent do you agree with this statement? Discuss in relation to the novel's themes and issues.

The central concern of the novel "Maestro" is definitely the growth to maturity of Paul. The issues which arise in the novel, such as music, relationships,m love, and betrayal, all contribute and lead to his development to understanding.

Music is an on-going and interweaving motif throughout the novel, and is also the most important one. Music is the glue which bonds many relationships in the novel; Paul and Rosie's, Paul and the band's, Paul and Mr Keller, and Paul's parents. Through music, Paul was able to learn a lot - mostly from Herr Keller. At the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to a young, arrogant, smug, self-congratulatory boy who was proclaimed to be a musical prodigy by his parents.

At first, Paul looks down on herr Keller and his seemingly ridiculous ways. Paul had never encountered such an eccentric or bizarre piano teacher before, and immediately ridiculed his methods. He felt that he was too good to be taught by Herr Keller, when in fact it was because he felt belittled by him. This arrogance is shown when herr Keller finally lets him play the piano on their 8th lesson.

"He fossicked among his own music for a few moments, finally emerging with a copy of "The Children's Bach".

"I played that years ago," I protested.

"You are too proud to play it again?" "It's easy." "...Bach is never easy." The fact that Paul felt that Bach was "too easy" shos his arrogance, but with Herr Keller's...