Julius Caesar

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Essay on Funeral Orations Marc Antony gave a better speech then Marcus Brutus at Caesar's funeral in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Brutus and some others felt that Caesar was becoming too powerful, and he would eventually become the king of Rome. They absolutely did NOT want this to happen, and the only way they felt this could be avoided was to kill Caesar, so they did. Brutus then told Antony that he could speak about Caesar at the funeral. He told Antony that he would have to speak after him, and that he could not speak badly about the people who conspired to kill Caesar. Antony complied, and the two gave their speeches at the funeral. Antony's was better by a long shot. First of all, Antony walked out carrying Caesar's body, and used it as a prop throughout his speech. Second, Antony totally blew Brutus' ambition theory out of the water.

Lastly, anyone who read the play cam say, without a doubt, that the crowd had a much bigger reaction to Antony's speech that to Brutus' speech.

Antony walked out at the end of Brutus' speech carrying Caesar's dead body. Caesar's body was the best prop Antony could have possibly used. It was perfect. He grabbed every single person's attention in the audience. They all listened to every word Antony said. And, not only did Antony walk out with Caesar's body, but he also used it throughout his speech, referring back to it several times.

Through this the well-beloved Brutus stabbed, And as he plucked his cursed steel away, Mark how the blood of Caesar followed it, As rushing out of doors, to be resolved If Brutus so unkindly knocked, or no.

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel.

Judge, O you gods, how dearly Caesar loved...