Andrew Jackson by Herman J. Viola. In depth review.

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The book that I have chosen to review is a biography called Andrew Jackson written by Herman J. Viola. I have given much thought to trying to deduce the purpose that the author had in writing this book. Because there is no commentary by the author in the beginning of this book, it was left to me to determine what his purpose was. After studying the contents of its pages, I came to the conclusion that the author's purpose in writing this biography was to teach the reader many different points of history through the writing of the life story of Andrew Jackson. Viola described many circumstances and events that were affected by Jackson's influence, and many circumstances and events that affected the life of Andrew Jackson. The Jacksonian Era was a significant period in American history. Although some of his actions were questionable, after my reading I was left with an overall good feeling toward the life of Andrew Jackson and his accomplishments.

The introductory chapter is appropriately entitled "The Making of a Legend." Thus the book begins with the end of the War of 1812 which was significant for the life of Andrew Jackson in many ways. It was said that the victory of Jackson's forces over the British in a battle at New Orleans "swept him to the presidency and marked him for immortality." The book, in subsequent chapters, goes on to summarize his life from an earlier age. Interesting that the book begins with this chapter in Jackson's life. Apparently this event was a significant turning point that affected the rest of his life.

Jackson grew up as a product of the frontier, and thus only received the best education that the frontier could offer, which was not much. It was said that he did...