Andy Warhol: A Visionary Artist

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"Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" (Andy Warhol, 1968)That was one of Warhol's most famous quotes. Andy Warhol was a visionary artist, he changed the way art itself is viewed around the world.

Andrew Warhola, his birth name, was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on August 6th 1928. He grew up in Oakland, a town inside of Pittsburg. Warhol was the youngest of three boys. His older brother, John and Paul, were born in Slovakia. When Andy was 8 years old, third grade, he had a nervous system disease called St. Vitus' dance (History 1900's, 2009). Since he had this disease, he was often stuck in bed a child. Kids around him often treated him like an out cast. He became extremely close to his mother during this period of his life. While he was stuck in bed, he'd draw, listen to the radio and collect images of famous movie stars(Warhol Stars, 2008).

When Andy was 9 he got his very first camera. He would develop his film in his dark room which was in the basement of his house.(Wikipedia: Andy Warhol, 2009) In 1942, when he was fourteen years old, he graduated from Holmes Middle School. Just after graduating he went study art under Joseph Fitzpatrick at Schenley High School. During this year his father also died of a jaundiced liver. Three years later, at age 17, Warhol graduated from high school at Schenley High. He applied to Carniage institute, where he studied pictorial design.(Warhol Stars, 2006)When Andy Warhol turned nineteen, He graduated from Carniage with a bachelors degree for pictorial design. He moved to Manhattan, New York and started to draw for some magazines. (Warhol Stars, 2006)The art that he gained much of his fame from this were quirky drawing of shoes. In 1952, Warhol was awarded...