Angela's Ashes

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''Angela's ashes'' are an Irish-American drama movie from 1999.1 The movie tells

the story of Frank McCourt and his childhood after his family is being forced to move

from America back to Ireland because of economical and family related problems.

The movie tells us about Frank McCourt's life in Limerick in Ireland during his

childhood in the 1930s.

In the 20th century Ireland had a lot of economical problems. There was a lot of

poverty, starvation, diseases and unemployment. Through the movie we see Frank

McCourt grow up in this environment.

The movie ''Angela's Ashes'' begins in America where a baby is born, we also see

that this baby dies as an infant. This death of the baby makes the McCourt family

move back to Ireland. The movie is telling the story about the McCourt family,

taking place around babies dying and people starving, this family goes through a lot

of pain and a lot of deaths. When the family arrives to Ireland the family gets twins -

and they also die.

The family has a mother; Angela, the Father; Malachy McCourt and two sons; the

oldest of the boys is Frank McCourt. This story is told by Frank McCourt which

means that he is the narrator, but we also see this movie through Frank McCourt's

point of view. The movie also has a voiceover, which is meant to be Frank McCourt

telling us about his life. But this voiceover makes the movie more interesting and

gives us feeling Frank McCourt telling a fairytale or as if he is a storyteller, this paper

will return to this later. We meet Frank McCourt when he is a little boy. Frank

McCourt is a good and clever student. Through the movie, we find out that Frank

McCourt has a...