My weekend at the mountains

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It was 8am and the alarm started going off but I was already up. I was so excited, My girlfriends and I were getting away for the weekend. We were going to the mountains. It was late October and the leaves were starting to change color. My bags were packed. I had packed them three days earlier. I was dressed and ready. We arrived at the cabin at about 2pm. We had stopped by some little country restaurants and souvenir shops on the way. When we pulled up at the cabin, my jaw dropped. The cabin looked like a castle. It was huge. I jumped out of the car before the car completely stopped. I ran into the house as fast as I could. It was breathtaking. There were high vaulted ceilings, skylights, elegant furniture, and amazing art work on the walls. There was three floors and there was everything you cold possibly imagine in this house: pool tables, jacuzzis, satellite radio, TV, heated indoor pool, 2 kitchens.

I really felt like a princess in my castle.