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It seems like just yesterday that I thought that my grandfather was strangely odd, a few cents short of a dollar. He was always messing around creating these crazy gadgets and gizmos just because that is what he loved to do. Needless to say, he was a very imaginative and creative person.

My grandfather Joe was an eighty-five year old man that lived by himself in the Rocky Mountains. He lived by himself because his high school sweetheart, my grandmother Ruth passed away ten years before he did. He had a large cabin and a couple acres of land to go with it. His home and land were beautiful with all of the big pine trees and blue spruces that covered the perimeter of his land.

It wasn't until my grandmother died that my grandfather and I became very close. My sister, Jessie was 13 at the time and I was 15.

We would go to his house and stay the weekend with him. If we were lucky, he would take us out to the old barn house and show us the newest invention. I remember the last time we were there with him; it was a cold and dreary winter day. My sister and I were board out of our minds. After all it was way to cold to go and play in the snow. So Grandpa Joe told us to put our warm cloths on, because we were going out to the barn house. We jumped up, sprinted to get our coats and boots, and we were out the door. As Grandpa Joe opened the door to the house, he said, "this is the most incredible machine that you will ever see!" I had never seen my grandpa so excited about something. So I became ecstatic to find...