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The Down Fall of the WWF For decades society have been debating about violence on television and the effects it have on the children. Until today there are still some who says that it have little to no effect on the young viewers who whatches vionlent programming. This unreasonable behaviour has been in our cartoons, T.V sitcoms, and in the movies that society choose to display.

Now the media have decided to take this taboo in society to a whole new level; with even more violence called the World Wrestleing Federation. The wwf Displays unspeakable behaviour towards their apoinants by beating one another, Trowing objects, and Slandering their names. These actors are called professional wrestlers. Technique that they use are planned and practiced before they perform those acts. Unfortunately only few children know that this brutal behaviour is not real.

Through admiration young viewers imatate the pro wrestlers in places like their backyards, the street, and even in the school play ground.

There are even reports of home made wrestling to perform for their friends and neighbors. By having their own show now they are able to be come their role models. Some go as far as jumping from the backyard fence and slaming down on their oponet. As a result of admature wrestleing these young people usually wind up with major or minor infury to their bodies. Unfortunatly it did not turn out that way for two Miami, Florida Families.

On july 1999, then twelve-year-old Lionel Tate slammed six-year old Tiffany Enich until she died.( Fights Back)