The Reivers

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The Reivers starts out in Yoknapatawpha County in Jefferson Mississippi in about 1865. One day Boon Hogganbeck storms into boss's office looking for a gun to shut a man named Ludus, who a driver for our grandfather. When he could not get the gun in that room he went on to another room and got a .40 cal. Snub nosed pistol and headed out onto the square to find Ludus. When he found him he fired off five shots at him and did not hit him one time. He hit a little black girl in the butt and broke the glass out of a building, but he never hit what he aimed for.

It was not long after this little incident the grandfather was almost forced to buy an automobile (which was a Winton Flyer and only cost a few hundred dollars back then.) When he got through giving everybody a ride in the new automobile.

When Boon got through giving everybody a ride in it he made Boon drive it into the garage. He did not really what to buy the automobile in the first place, but he needed it because you could somewhere faster in a car than in a mule. It was not long after he got the automobile that Grandfather Lessep died. Ned, Lucius, and Boon did not go to the funeral in Bay St. Louis. After everybody had left Boon took all of the people that did not go to the funeral for a ride in the automobile. When he got through riding everybody in the automobile he decided to leave in it and he told Lucius to go with him but he would not let Ned go with them.

So they were off on their way to Memphis. They did not know...