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Escape from Alcatraz Essay "Escape from Alcatraz" is an accurate portrayal of life on Alcatraz. Although "The Final Sentence" was based on the true actions of what happened on Alcatraz, "Escape from Alcatraz" captured the feeling of prison life with accurate detail within the walls of "The Rock". The movie wouldn't have been as captivating if it were not based on true facts because most people know a little about Alcatraz. A movie about Alcatraz with wrong or inaccurate facts would not hold the viewer's attention or interest. Perhaps some scenes were not a true depiction of the real prison, but the overall portrayals of life in prison were accurate.

"Escape from Alcatraz" was very authentic in how they viewed new prisoners arriving to Alcatraz. The prisoners were brought to Alcatraz in a boat from San Francisco, approximately one mile away. They also had to strip down their clothes for a full cavity search.

The prisoners were then officially under maximum security and counted twelve times a day. The documentary shows these accounts also.

The rules of Alcatraz were very straight forward and were not to be broken. In "Escape from Alcatraz" Clint Eastwood broke one of the rules and his punishment was to be thrown into the hole, which was also described in the documentary. The most serious offense was the attempt of escaping Alcatraz. Three prisoners were desperate enough to risk their lives in order to escape Alcatraz. In both the documentary and "Escape from Alcatraz" the bodies of the three prisoners were not found.

Supposedly in both of the movies no one has been proven to have escaped Alcatraz. After a years passing of the escape attempt Alcatraz was shortly shut down. All the inmates were transferred...