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Alternatives to Incarceration.This paper is about options available for offenders that do not require jail or prison terms.Raises the question of cost effectiveness.

Ever since the first prison opened in the United States in 1790, incarceration has been the center of the nations crimina ... d many creative alternatives to incarceration have been tried, and many at a much lower cost than imprisonment. It wasn't until the late 1980's when our criminal justice systems across the country beg ... is problem forced lawmakers to develop new options for sentencing criminal offenders.Unlike jail or prisons, which create an expensive cycle of violence and crime, these alternatives actually prevent ...

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Alternative Incarceration:ARE BOOT CAMPS AN EFFECTIVE FORM OF INCARCERATION? Introduction & Overview of the Problem.

ady jammed into overcrowded long-term detention centers, training schools, and, increasingly, adult prisons. As part of the effort to deal with the dual problems of rising youth crime and an overwhelm ... ffender population into the adult justice system does not appear to be a viable strategy. The adult prison system faces even bigger problems of overcrowding and under-funding than the juvenile system ...

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An arguement that children that commit murder and other violent crimes should be tried as adults in court

wherever they want. Instead of setting these people free or putting them in a low security juvenile prison, we should put them where the belong, in ahigh security prison with others, regardless of the ... younger, you are pardoned from all charges. Any minor from 10 to 14 years canonly get 6 months of imprisonment. If you are 14 to 16 years old, you can only get up to half the sentence that a convicted ...

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1971 Attica Prison Riots

ordered state troopers to retake D yard. It was a four day siege, the incident cost the lives of 11 prison guards and 32 inmates. The stand off ended after the state troopers stormed the prison on Sep ... d became a symbol of excessive use of government force. This is all occured because certain demands prisoners had. When they took 40 guards hostage they had certain demands like better living conditio ...

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Alternative sentences for Juvenile Delinquents.

the confines of the American criminal justice system. In the 13 year period from 1980 to 1993, the prison population of jurisdictions under the control of State or Federal correctional authorities in ... uthorities increased by 188 percent. In raw numbers this translates to an increase of 329,821 total prisoners in 1980 to 948,881 total prisoners in 1993. Analyzing the numbers even further reveals: pr ...

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The analysis of Drugs and Crime.

nother involved. Drug addicts, at some time in their lives, often find themselves incarcerated. Our prisons are overcrowded with inmates because of this major drug problem. As a result of this, many p ... by different governing agencies to try to reduce the number of these inmates who are in and out of prisons by imposing alternate programs some within the confines of the prison and some in separate l ...

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Applications from research into the effects of parental imprisonment on father/daughter relationships

e to seek help.I would suggest that, for my application of attachment issues, that the settings for prison visits could be altered, perhaps by growing a garden, or green area where visits may take pla ... tered, perhaps by growing a garden, or green area where visits may take place. This would mean that prisoners could still me guarded, but the setting would be more calm and less clinical and intimidat ...

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Andersonville Raiders Civil War

Andersonville Raiders Andersonville Prison was known by many as "The Hell on Earth." Although the prison was only built to hold 10,000 p ... ny as "The Hell on Earth." Although the prison was only built to hold 10,000 prisoners, over 30,000 prisoners were packed in there. This caused a shortage in food and water. Because of this, a band of ... dersonville Raiders." The Raiders performed a plethora of heartless actions while being held at the prison. Very few of the inmates at the prison were raiders. Less than 500 of the tens of thou ...

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The Abandoned Delinquent by: Katelyn Dunn A Research Paper about the unfair treatment of women in prison.

pt is further explored by Susan Datesman in her book, Women, Crime & Justice. "They [the female prisons] were usually referred to as 'reformatories' or 'industrial homes' to distinguish them from ... pable of committing a felony. Ironically, the fact that women account for a minute percent of the imprisoned is partially responsible for driving this myth generation through generation.Time and again ...

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19th Century Settlement about most of the happenings with...

up residence on the Island in 1837.The notion to use Rottnest as a confinement place for Aboriginal prisoners, was suggested by James Stirling. In August 1838 Constable Lawrence Welch, under the new t ... , under the new title Superintendent of the Government Establishment, Rottnest, took six Aboriginal prisoners to Rottnest. They were to erect suitable dwellings, fish and collect salt. Buoyeen had bee ...

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African American Women in the Prison System

d grow up fulfilling the duties of this classification that has been forced upon them. Women in the prison system are a growing concern in our society, and it is not difficult to see that the majority ... . These women are disproportionally minority, and African American women make up 46% of the women's prison population. White women comprise 36% and Latinas make up 14%. Many dangers face these women u ...

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5 page report on Prisoner rights using facts that support the need for more rights for prisoners and combat the need for more laws against prisoners. Includes in text citations and works cited.

Prisoner RightsWhat if your rights had been violated and there was nothing that could be done about ... port my feelings as well as my opposition's arguments. I feel that the current system doesn't allow prisoners their proper rights. Although the public thinks prisoners have too many rights, laws like ... ic thinks prisoners have too many rights, laws like The Litigation Reform Act take rights away from prisoners and should be repealed.The Prison Litigation Reform Act was passed in 1996. It serves two ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Parole

ation back into society (Qld Department of Corrective Services 2004). These options seek to provide prisoners with the opportunity to participate in community work programs, release to work programs, ... rams, home detention and conditional parole. However, these programs are only available to low risk prisoners who have committed non-violent offences and are not considered a threat to society (Qld De ...

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The absence of choice is a circumstance that is very, very rare.

would be possible only when the person would have no brain. It would be tempting to think that the prisoners have almost no scope of making choices. But the prisoners are confined within the jail onl ...

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Armor By: John Steakley

it is very strong. Jack refuses to let his spirit be broken when his fate seems certain. Jack is in prison with no apparent reason, the only thing that is clear is that he did not belong there. Jack i ... ut is wrongly charged. Jack find himself repulsed by the gray that seems to be everything about the prison. It becomes clear that gray becomes the prison personified breaking the prisoners. Forcing pr ...

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In An Age Of Violence

se sense of security. Schools should take a more cool-headed approach and not turn schools of today prisons of tomorrow. Society needs to take less drastic measures and step back to look at the proble ... rams can help make a difference. Schools should focus less on metal detectors, school police, and a prison like atmosphere and focus more on programs to make school a family like environment.? (?Attit ...

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Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden

ze to the readers that a simple playground where inhabits their fun filled activities is actually a prison. Here I will be explaining why the poem "School Children" is actually good. For a short poem ... to the reader making his point straight and clear. As a little boy that sees his surroundings as a prison he uses many poetic devices to prove or enhance his point. One of the variations used in this ...

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Argumentative writing

der a criminal should take responsibility for he has done, but not only to make an excuse.Countless prisons are becoming humanism at present; rehabilitation is a good solution as people believe. Howev ... understand, there is a comparison: as Eric website claimed in 1999 that the content and quality of prisoner education in Queensland, Australia, was reviewed. The review focused on the following topic ...

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ociety has changed their way of thinking from punishment to rehabilitation was the name change from prisons to correctional institutions. Rehabilitation concepts concentrates on helping offenders bett ... ng to Macionis (2006), is rendering an offender incapable of further offenses temporarily through imprisonment or permanently by execution. The social protection was developed so the society would hav ...

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