Applications from research into the effects of parental imprisonment on father/daughter relationships

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With regards to adolescence I would suggest that schools and colleges encourage the use of counselling services for young people. By use of this method of constructive questioning in a safe, confidential setting, adolescents would be enabled to work through issues for themselves but with guidance to prevent the development of negative personality traits and behaviour patterns. By stabilising these emotions teenagers would be better equipped to deal with this period of transition in a constructive and objective way, making it easier on both them and their families. However it is possible that this would be hard to implement as teenagers often do not agree to counselling as there are certain stigmas of mental illness associated with it. The hardest issue is not always dealing with the problem, but recognising the problem and having the motivation and courage to seek help.

I would suggest that, for my application of attachment issues, that the settings for prison visits could be altered, perhaps by growing a garden, or green area where visits may take place.

This would mean that prisoners could still me guarded, but the setting would be more calm and less clinical and intimidating; promoting closer relationships with visitors. Ulrich (1993) showed that people "need to have close contact with nature" and that it improves general attitudes and performance. One problem with this may be the lack of control in the area of security, making it easier for rules to be broken and illegal substances to be smuggled in. An application that may help prisoners to deal with addictions would be to involve them in more community service and education programmes. This would help them find direction and purpose, two aspects of life that are often lost when a person becomes dependent on a drug. Community service would also...