Reaction to the movie "What Dreams May Come"

Essay by miabanzon February 2003

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The purpose of life, according to Catholics, is to know, love, and serve God to be able to join Him someday in heaven. When I think of heaven, it is not a place only for Catholics, as we have learned in the past quarter about the different beliefs of other religions. No religion should be shunned or looked down upon. I believe that God will judge all other non-Catholic worshipers based on how well they adhered to the values and beliefs of their own religion. Heaven, for me, is a place wherein everything is so perfect and right. On the other hand, hell for me is a place full of suffering and sorrow. The movie "What Dreams May Come" had a very strong impact on me, my faith, the way I see things, love, and so many other messages. It is a heady, cerebral movie that makes you consider a typical after death experience.

I found throughout the movie that I have experienced a myriad of feelings, from fear to joy and hope. It tells us to live our lives to the fullest. We will never know when our lives will end. The best thing is to be prepared. In the movie, the wife committed suicide and it will take her another long lifetime to correct that mistake. Whether this portrayal is true or not, I think that the most painful thing about life after death is regretting. Regretting that you were not able to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, regretting that you could have done this and that, etc. The wife was very lucky to have a husband who loved her so much that brought her back to the light. What they had was something very special, a bond that...