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Role of hunger in Angela's Ashes

"Hunger is a good cook," is a true quote for the memior, Angela's Ashes, because it forces the boys to find anything that can make a meal for them, even if this includes digging through trash (Proverb Quoteland).Angela's Ashes is a story about a kid born in America and raised in Ireland. His family consisted of Angela, his mom, Malachy Sr., his father, Frank, him, Malachy Jr., Eugene, Oliver, Michael, and Alphie, his brothers, and Margaret, his sister. Margaret, Eugene, and Oliver all passed away at young ages. When each of them died, it drove their father into a a drinking phase, worse than his normal phases. They moved to Ireland to find that the state of jobs are worse in Ireland than in America. Malachy Sr went to England with the promise of him sending money each week. He ended up drinking the money and not sending any to the family, leaving them worse off than before.

Frank stepped up as the man and got a job and helped the family pay for food and other things like his father didn't. He got many jobs and put money aside to get to america. When he finally could afford the trip, he left to find more opportunity.In Frank McCout's, Angela's Ashes, hunger caused his family to go through times of begging, stealing, and eating trash.

The first instance of hunger affecting the McCourt family is when they have to beg for food. Frank thinks very low of begging, like his father. When he sees his mom beg he thinks " My mother is a beggar now and if anyone from the lane or my school sees her my family will be disgraced." (McCourt 250). He would rather starve than beg.