The Anisazi Civilization

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The Anasazi were an incredible group of people who lived in southern America during the time of 900-1200A.D. Through out there lives they accomplished many things such as a great rise in their population, farming, trading and the construction of great structures.

The earliest Anasazi people started out living in villages with 10-25 people. 10-20 years later in the late 11th century there population grew dramatically witch eventually brought the small villages together into several large communities. As this change occurred they began to control their water supply with earthen dams and irrigation systems. This Brought water to high arid parts of the desert, which made it possible for their villages to harvest crops and raise animals. Some of the crops they harvested were corn and squash. As their food incline rose so did their society. With the rise in society along came art such as basketry and pottery. And also helped them developed elaborate trading routes, enabling them to travel to far away places, trading for goods that they, themselves, lacked.

These trade roads also allowed other people of the regions to come into the Anasazi villages for equal trade, as well. Some of the places the Anasazi settled were Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah

The Anasazi were one of the first groups of people to construct buildings with two or three floors. These Buildings were made of adobe brick (mix of dirt, water, and hey). The most famous of these structures was known as the Pueblo Bonito, it was considered the largest single building ever constructed by the Anasazi, it housed over 1,000 residents in more than 600 rooms. In this building lived the craftsmen, artisans, merchants, government and religious leaders of the tribe/town. This one place became the main headquarters for religion and trade. They...