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The Good Within Amidst all the pain and suffering of the Holocaust , a girl by the name of Anne Frank had the courage to say that she believes that despite the way they act, all people have some good spirit in them. Anne Frank was one of millions of Jews being put through misery with the restrictions and limits of Hitler's act. Anne and her family went into hiding so as to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. She kept a diary throughout the whole experience, and towards the end of the cruel Holocaust Anne and here family were captured. An excerpt from her diary states her opinion on there being no such thing as a person who is completely evil. I do not agree with Anne, there are many people who are evil all the way through.

Firstly, some people are just born evil. A perfect example is Hitler, he killed millions of people just because of their race and outer appearances.

He had no sympathy for those he mercilessly slaughtered. There is no good in his acts. I have even read that Hitler was part Jewish.

Another good example of someone who was born evil is Osama bin Laden. He flew jet planes into an American monument, and not only killed thousands, but also stole our sense of security. Our society is now paranoid about another attack and we are spending millions ensuring that attack doesn't occur. That is just what Osama wanted to happen. He wanted our economy to fall because of all the money spent in security precautions and damage repairs.

Lastly, I can see some truth in Anne's opinion. Not all evil people are completely cruel. There is always two sides to a story. In Hitler's case there was no...