The Annihilation of a Culture

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Native Americans settled the new world hundreds of years before Europeans even thought of traveling the vast distance between the two countries. However, once the Europeans arrived on this strange and exotic land they began to impress their beliefs and way of life onto the Native American culture. With them the Europeans brought not only their culture, but also many diseases that Native Americans had never experienced. The exploration of Europeans in this land caused changes in the lives of Native Americans that can be seen even today. Native Americans were content with their traditional lifestyle until the Europeans came to the Americas and settled the land.

The first people to discover the Native American tribes were Spanish Conquistadors. Dillon states it was the immigration of the Spaniards that brought about the first conflicts between the natives of the New World and European descendents (7). These conflicts between the two different ethnic groups forced each of them to face new challenges in order to survive explains Josephy (346).

Starting in the year 1605, Europeans began to push the Indians westward in the quest for more land; denotes an article entitled “Colonial Indian Wars”. It was not until the year 1673 that the Native Americans began to fight back (Dillon 17). The Pequot War of 1673 was the first of many wars in which the Native Americans and Europeans engaged in (Dillon 7). This war between the Native Americans and the Europeans was just the beginning; this feud between the two cultures will continue to last nearly four hundred years (Dillon 7). The New World was an enticing and unexplored place, which beckoned new travelers to explore the many hidden treasures it had to offer.

Many countries faced the raging waters to come to the New World and once they...