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Shelby Mize

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Professor Delong

English 111

Smoking Ban in Michigan

Are smoking bans against smoking in public places really that necessary to protect non-smokers from the harmful chemicals of second hand smoke? The answer from a smoker is: Yes! However, another question that should be asked is: Do smoking bans infringe upon the rights of your freedom to smoke if you choose to smoke in places other than your personal residence or automobile? The answer from a smoker is: Yes! Therefore, the real question that must be asked is: Are smoking bans becoming too restrictive? Comment by SVSU: Quite a few questions here. Why not simply state these things?

Since May 2, 2010, Michigan was the 37th state to join in the Non non-smoking ban. Although this ban looked promising to our government agencies on the health factor involving this ban, they failed to research the effects it could impose on local businesses.

The State Officials in Michigan would like to see a decrease in in the number of smokers, so the health of these individuals would increaseimprove. They have concerns of the effects of second hand smoke as well. The majority of the citizens in Michigan feels the law is unjust and in direct violation of the Constitution. Michigan relies on 300 million dollars a year on taxes from cigarettes. These taxes are distributed to several places in Michigan, including: Schoolsschools, and Medicaid for low income families. Comment by SVSU: There is a ban on non-smoking? I do not believe that you intended this. Comment by SVSU: Cigarettes are distributed to schools? I do not recall ever seeing a school/college/university selling cigarettes.

According to a growing body of evidence conducted by APHA's 138th annual meeting in November found, "A citywide ban on smoking...