Annotations of Daisy Miller

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Annotations of Daisy Miller

Booth, Wayne C., "The Uses of Authorial Silence': In the Rhetoric of Fiction" The University of Chicago Press, (1961): 271-309.

Booth elaborates the importance of the narrator, Mr. Winterbourne, who through his eyes sees more than he wants to see and allows the readers to and himself to allow the drama to take over. An innocent young girl tours Europe behaving openly , and as nonchalant as she could feel. She is free with her ways around men, but this is non accepted by the socialites that are watching from close and afar. There is comedy in those who misunderstand Daisy , yet there is so much drama wrapped around Daisy wherever she goes. Mr. Winterbourne is enthralled by such a refreshing young woman, one who would appreciate one's esteem. Mr. Winterbourne preconceived notions of Daisy being a scant are not only his tragic loss but also hers.

With tragedy, comedy and irony all rolled up in one, it is simply a masterful effect, with all such ingredients.

Dupee, F.W.," Henry James': William Sloane Associates", (1951) p 301

Discusses how the book Daisy Miller a success while the European were failing to amuse readers in 1878. The story was a success of a scandal with a large American public. Daisy Miller is both a love story and a story of comparative manners. Projected through a single mind in a stricter fashion than what was attempted. Daisy starts off innocent and naïve in her ways, then she show her strength, but not before her stubbornness causes her death to fall upon her. Daisy is a tribute to American girls whose innocence is shown to triumph over the evil-mind of the old world ways. Daisy is a champion in her own struggles. This story is not only...