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The types of photography I researched were, fashion, postcard, scenery, and

still life portraits. I found that scenery photography had the most information on

the Internet and the photographer Ansel Adams appealed to me most. Scenic

photography is often hard to capture in the right light. It takes many shots to

actually find one you like. Often, photographers sit outside for several hours to

capture that moment they have seen before. Most of the time, photographers

come back with nothing to great which makes this profession very challenging.

There are many beautiful places in the world and photography is one of the few

fields of work where you can travel to see them all. One of the things I like about

scenic photography is how every shot will always be different. No matter who is

taking the picture. Also, you can take a picture of something at sunrise and

have a totally different picture at sunset and anywhere in between.

A portrait will

always look the same but scenery will always be different.

There are many schools for photography in the United States and many of

them are in New England. There are many beautiful things in and around the

New England area. Some schools in the U.S. are, The New York School of

Photography (still the worlds biggest and best), the Art Institute of Chicago, San

Francisco Art Institute, Art Center School in LA, California School of Fine Arts,

Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design in New York and


In many High Schools around the country students can participate in

photography classes. Most however, only teach black and white. Many

technical high schools offer training in photography of all kinds. Graduating from

a technical high school helps to get into a well known college. It...