Answering Americas Call. The role of America today

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Throughout the history of America there have been several different answers to her call. Every different time period has had it's own call, from the days of Jefferson and the Constitution, to the days of Kennedy and the Vietnam conflict. What is this generation's call? With the Cold War dead and behind us, America is calling from a different line.

No longer is America in need of a sophisticated high budget military, but for new minds and ideas. Long gone are the days of fighting in the streets over a lone silver dollar. Instead America is in the race for new technology and the minds and sophistication that go with it. So long M-16, hello IBM, satellites, and laser technology.

Earlier generations had no idea of what electronics could provide. The strongest country in the world was the one with the most men. Then came guns, then nuclear weapons, and finally computers.

No longer do we need to send most of our country's men off to fight. Rather we can just sit some of them down on a computer and do just as much damage. With computers and the viruses that go with them, people can destroy the economies of whole countries without wasting a single American life. Countries can crumble with the push of a few simple buttons on a keyboard.

But to understand all of this new technology requires a great deal of knowledge. Not just anyone can sit at a computer and make a country crumble. It takes an intelligent person to even turn on a computer. No longer can America turn to just anyone off the street to help the country. So with this in mind, we strive to answer Americas call, education.

When forming the government, it was feared people...