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Throughout the history people have always moved from one place to another, we call this immigration but this is something very important which requires attention. In the Webster Dictionary, the word immigrate means to come into a foreign country and take up residence. Immigration is coming into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence. People that immigrate usually leave their native country to escape political power, persecution, war, or poor opportunities. The wide range of different people from different backgrounds and races, who have different beliefs and who come from different countries form a cultural diversity in the countries that that have migrated. Migration has direct impact on the lives of the people who immigrates as well as it influences the host country. Immigration has benefits to the host country and it has also some costs, so that immigration is something that has to be regulated.

Immigration has two sides basically. Some citizens believe that illegal immigrants should not be allowed into the country to establish a better life. They believe that their countries should make it harder for illegal immigrants to achieve their citizenship here. In order to regulate immigration, laws and bills have been created and passed to control the amount and type of people who have access to enter our country. Whether immigrants come to live permanently or not, one reason the countries establish these laws is to help law enforcement and government agencies regulate immigration. By maybe limiting the amount of legal immigrants let into our country, can help society and the economy in the long run. On the other hand other people believe that immigrants should have the opportunity to come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. Allowing foreigners to migrate here and...