Report on Upcoming Elections in Canada

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Report for upcoming Elections

The elections for Canada are imminent in this month of November. In this report we will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, main issues, challenges, and recognize who is the decision maker in each political party for the upcoming election. These parties include Bloc Québécois, Canadian Action Party, Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, Natural Law Party of Canada, New Democratic Party, Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and The Green Party of Canada. Some political parties, which will not be mentioned because they will not be in the election, include Communist Party of Canada, and Marijuana Party.

Bloc Québécois

The Bloc Québécois leaded by Mr. Gilles Duceppe is a political party, which its target is only to gain seats in Québec. Its goal is to reform Québec until Québec sovereignty is established. They're strong only in Québec because only Québec has Québec sovereignist, which their goal is for Québec to become a in rule of Canada.

This party was formed in July 8th, 1991, which in September 11th, 1993 it was finally registered to become a federal party. Their weaknesses are that a majority of Québec still wants to remain attached to Canada and only a minority of Québec desires a sovereignty status. Due to the lack of support by the rest of Canada, Bloc Québécois will by no means reach a majority government. The main issue for this party is Québec sovereignty. The biggest challenge in the upcoming elections is that not a majority of people wants Québec to power. Hence, Bloc Québécois will remain a minority government in the upcoming elections.

Canadian Action Party

Canadian Action Party leaded by Paul T. Hellyer in which their goal is to regain Canada's sovereignty and...