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It is very importation to have antivirus software for the computer, so that a virus cannot attach itself to your computer, files, drives, and disk. A person needs antivirus software programs to also assist them with maintaining their privacy and guarding against online theft, spoofing, phishing, internet scams, and identify theft.

McAfee Total Protection sells for $59.99. McAfee Total protection software has a 12-in-1 that guards your computer system. A color coded alerts McAfee site advisor about one line danger by always begin active and updating information at all times. Fast anti virus protection quickly scans, blocks, and cleans over 200,000 threats with anti hacker protection. Anti Spyware hides your files from hackers, thieves, and unauthorized communication. Software guards against identify theft, online fraud, spam, and online scam protection. It protects children while on line and shied a person from receiving junk mail that is not wanted. Further more, it has home network protection software included, that protects your files, e-mail, instant messages, and other documents on a person's computer.

McAfee also supports other e-mal programs, pop3, MAP1, and Web MSN/Hotmail, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo, Microsoft Windows, and MSN messenger are also supported by McAfee.

McAfee website has a lot more technological information about their web site than Norton. McAfee goes into more details about hacking, as well as phishing a person's personal information much as passwords, social security numbers, and credit card details by spending spoofed e-mail that looks like they come from trusted web site. McAfee has also come across dangerous phishing scams where a well known Italian bank received forms of an exe. File that would start Internet Explore logging page.

Norton 360 Version 2.0 Software sells for $79.99. Software protects against virus, hacking, worms, phishing, and scams. I did not enjoy the web site because Norton...