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Antonio Vivaldi Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, the Italian composer, and violinist may have been one of the most influential of his age. He was born in Venice on March 4th, 1678. Throughout his lifetime, Vivaldi had many accomplishments as well as occupations. However, he was mostly noted for the musical aspects of his life. Vivaldi also contributed generously to music for string instruments. His works include about fifty concerti grossi, and four hundred fifty other concertos. His lifeworks were very influential to the music we have today.

The many works of Vivaldi have been unique and have also educated many people throughout the years. Though he wrote many fine and superb concertos, such as the Four Seasons and the Opus 3 for example, he also wrote many works that sounded like simple exercises for students. The Ospedale della Pietà employed Vivaldi for most of his working life. This was often called an "orphanage," however this Ospedale was in actually a home for the female offspring of noblemen.

The Ospedale was supplied to the "anonymous" fathers; its furniture and accessories were very rich looking, the young ladies were well looked-after, and its musical aspects were superior in Venice. Many of Vivaldi's concerti were exercises that he would play along with his many pupils. Vivaldi's relationship with the Ospedale began right after he was named as a violin teacher there. Until 1709, Vivaldi's appointment was renewed every year and again after 1711. Between 1709 and 1711 Vivaldi was not attached to the Ospedale. This was probably because he was already working for the Teatro Sant' Angelo, which was an opera theater. He also remained active as a composer.

In 1713, Vivaldi was given a month's leave from the Ospedale della Pieta in order to present his first opera, Ottone in villa, in...