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Having the ability to download all of your favorite songs for free is great is it not? Instead of buying the new Britney Spears CD in stores, why not just download all of her songs online? Well, this method of downloading free music online is called file sharing. Since the mid-1990?s, file sharing has become a popular trend for the young generation. The fact that you were able to download music for free was incredible to youngsters. One of the main reasons why the Internet life has boomed is because of file sharing programs such as Napster, WinMX, Kaazaa, and Imesh. Sky was the limit if you could download any kind of song for free. What is the harm right? Well, as good as it is, we all know file sharing is not right for the music industry. The obvious reasons why are because it creates a big decline in CD and record sales, fails to acknowledge those who contributed to the music, creates viruses, and also cheats those who are involved in making the music, such as the producers.

Morally, I believe that file sharing is illegal.

Famous Rapper 50 Cent has a new CD out in stores. His producers are predicting that this CD will go double platinum and sell millions, but there is one problem. The entire CD is available online to download for free. Now, most people do not realize that e that in order for 50 Cent to get paid, fans need to go out and buy the CD?s. Many people are stubborn and find it much easier to go right ahead and download the whole CD for free. It is convenient but this is where 50 Cent loses big time money, and if you really think about it, if a file sharer...