Apartheid: Systematic And Intention Oppression

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Imagine, a minority, of a very small minority, controlled an entire country. The decisions of this "secret society" affected the everyday life of everyone. This group of men had a death grip on an entire society, from the leader of the country, to the law making of the country, even to the appointment of community officials. If you think this scenario only exists in a low-budget Hollywood movie, you're wrong. It existed for more than 50 years in South Africa. This "secret society" was called the Afrikaner Broederbond. This society consisted of a select few Afrikaners who had total and complete control over South Africa. The Afrikaners used the Afrikaner National Party, economic oppression, suppression of opposing political parties, and the suppression of resistance groups such as the ANC and PAC to retain power of the Black South Africans. The Afrikaners played on fear, bad living conditions, and their influence on the blacks' daily survival and -used to their advantage.

The Afrikaners exerted systematic and intentional oppression to gain economic and political power.

In 1918, a secret society called the Afrikaner Broederbond (Afrikaner Brotherhood) was founded. It was conceptualized by a multitude of Afrikaner rich to promote interests of the white Afrikaner minorities which were, at the time, being pushed out of the business and government arena by the presiding colonial British (Apartheid Architects). Once this "secret society" matured and grew in number and economic base, the society held a great amount of power in almost all South African political, economical, and social aspects. Since membership was by invitation only, very few members of the Broederbond ever spoke of the Society to the public. The rare members that have spoken out, say that Afrikaner Broederbond control extended all the way from school and church board elections, to parliamentary...