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Application Denied You?ve been working hard for four years and it?s time for the next step in your career. You might be searching for a job, or searching for a school to continue your education. Either way, affirmative action will affect you. Affirmative action began during the civil rights movement of the 1950?s after the equal rights act was passed. Since then, universities and businesses have adopted policies to ensure that every person, regardless of race or background, has an equal opportunity to be accepted into the field they wish to enter. Many of these policies involve racial quotas that allow a certain number of positions for a specific racial background. The ideas behind affirmative action are part of the great nation we live in today, a nation that promotes the equality of all people. However, some of the tactics used to ensure this equality, discriminate just as much as the prejudices they intend to prevent.

Racial quotas are based on numbers, not on merit. A person can get a job based on their minority rather than their skills. For instance, an organization has 25 vacancies per year. Five of those vacancies are reserved for people considered minorities. Things that constitute minority could include race, heritage, or gender. If 50 people apply for a position, let?s say acceptance into a university, those people will be rated on their performance in high school and of college entry exams such as the SAT or the ACT. Those five vacancies reserved for minorities will be filled by minorities first, regardless Liston 2 of the applicants? scores. If five minorities applied that year, those five people will be accepted. The other 45 applicants will be sorted out and the persons with the highest scores will be accepted. 25 of the applicants will be turned...