Applying for a Job: SAMPLE Cover Letter

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September 19, 2004

Enid Conner

955 Park Street

District of Columbia 00000

Dear Ms. Connor,

As a student at California Univesrity of Los Angeles, I heard about the internship in the Legal department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation through our career center. I know the FBI strives for excellence in all aspects of its missions, and I am attracted to your core values and high standards for business ethics. I am very interested in the FBI, and I would like to learn more about the opportunities you have to offer.

Here at CULA, I am working towards a Bachelors of Science degree in Management, and after graduation I hope to attend law school. As either a Special Agent or in your legal department, I believe both my academic and personal experiences will allow me to succeed in such a position within the Bureau.

Through a thorough study of the legal environment of business, I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge including the legal terminology in business and managerial decision-making context, as well as the Federal and State laws that apply to businesses such as the Constitution, labor relations, contracts, agencies, torts, and product liability. This past July, I served a week's term of jury duty in Los Angeles county. The experience was very beneficial to me, and I learned many things about the court system and the law as it pertains to citizens. It was an interesting and enlightening week for me, and it has helped form the base of my career.

An internship with the FBI would provide me with a unique and educational experience. I would like to contact your office during the week of September 27 to schedule an interview, if possible, and...