The Arabian Horse

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Across the world, horses are an important part of life. Each breed of horse is prized for a specific reason. The Arabian horse is valued for the its distinctive characteristics, History and use around the world.

The Arabian horse is a sleek and intelligent breed. When looking at an Arabian the first thing noticed is there beauty "Evan when an Arabian is standing still, it looks proud and alert. Its shiny, thick main falls naturally on its gracefully arched neck and its long, silky tail is set high" (Patent 10). The Arabian has a finely chiseled head and a "delicate muzzle" (Patent 10). "In temperament, Arabians are Intelligent, affectionate, fiery, courageous, and gentle, with high self-esteem" (Equiworld, The Arab). Arabians are short lean horses, but "despite their somewhat small size and light build, they are strong" (Patent 10). Arabians have an immense amount of endurance. They can carry the same load as other horses for much longer distances.

There slender muscles allow them to run faster and longer without over heating. In addition to its strength and beauty, the Arabian is smart. Not only does it learn quickly and easily, it can be taught to do many complicated exercises and maneuvers that are difficult for other horses.

The fist documentation of Arabian horses appeared about 3000 years ago and it is estimated that Arabians "appeared on earth more than 40,000 years ago" (Horse Web, Experience the Arabian). The Arabian was first domesticated by the tribesmen of Arabia "known as Bedouins" (Horse Web, Experience the Arabian). Later the prophet Mohammad made them a sacred part of the Islamic religion, which led to the introduction of Arabians to "North Africa, Spain, and France" (Horse Web, Experience the Arabian). In the 12th century, Christian crusaders brought large numbers of Arabians to England and...