Argument and Collaboration

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Argument and Collaboration

Eugenia Pea

University of Phoenix


Argument and Collaboration:

My decision to pursue graduate school is to position myself to be more marketable in the job market. Through my job search, I have discovered that a Bachelors degree no longer serves as the minimum requirement for getting your foot in the door. A Master in Business Administration (MBA) will position me to compete with other applicants in my field.

The decision to pursue graduate school is the reaction to a problem. Robbins and Judge (2007) state, "decision making occurs as a reaction to a problem, which leads to a discrepancy between some current state of affairs and some desired state requiring the consideration of alternative courses of action" (p. 157). From my perception the three most pertinent factors to consider in making the decision to pursue a higher degree is benefit, time, and cost.

The most pertinent factor is the benefit of securing an MBA. I am willing to sacrifice time and money if I believe the benefit will be securing employment that will assist in reaching my career goals. The MBA should be very instrumental in putting me above the rest of other job seekers and helping me to secure a position in which my background, experience and talents are used. McCarthy (2009) suggest that more students are pursuing higher education, and those seeking employment are more likely to find a job than the average high school senior, or even some college graduates. Many more are turning to post-secondary education, trade school, community college, or degree programs to make them more employable. Each individual sets goals according to their inner drive for achievement, which is determined by personality traits.

Upon completing the Jungian Personality Assessment...