An argumentative essay about the changing woman and the history of women.

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Argumentative essay

Times have changed significantly. Many of the morals, values, beliefs, and ideas that were once enforced strongly, have now been tossed out the window. The idea of how things should be and how individuals go about their lives is completely opposite of what it once was. Women fought long and hard over the years to establish the degree of respect they receive today. Through pain, struggle, tears, and failure, women reached the ultimate goal of individuality and freedom. The possibilities for women today are endless. Everyone is reaching for the stars and making their dreams come true. The readings, in which we have forged our way thru, have all been written by male writers. Issues of women's lives have only been projected thru the eyes of males. These projections show how women should act and feel. Though, back in the twentieth century, this is the way things were.

Women were not allowed to speak their minds back then. Women have come far in today's society. However, I think that gender-weighting the reading list is necessary in compliance with the time period we are investigating.

Back in this era there were not very many predominant female writers that many people knew about. Women writers of the twentieth century included those such as, Emily Dickinson, Anne Bradstreet, Phyllis Wheatly, and Sylvia Plath. Women did not have the freedom to write freely back then. War was pretty much the number one thing on everyone's minds and plain and simple women were not at war. They did not know what was going on so in turn they could not write about it. To get the real view, the men's tales were what people needed and preferred to hear. Men were allowed to be gruesome and vulgar. Freeman, Sassoon, and Owen are...