Men Are Greater Than Women

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Many people spend a great deal of their lives pondering the question of gender roles in today's society. Where do men and women belong? Are we really that different? How? The answers to these questions are simple: Women belong in the kitchen. Men belong in positions of power. Yes, we really are that different. Women are controlled by their emotions, and us men have supreme intelligence and ability. As upsetting as this may be to all the male-wannabe feminists out there, it has been proven throughout history that men are the superior gender and women are merely sexual support in this patriarchal society.

* Bordo's essay"¦basically says men and women share many societal pressures, directly and indirectly.

* My argument"¦Bordo's opinion is unimportant. She is a woman"¦ * Examination of media (TV, commercials, etc)"¦How men and women are typically portrayed and how much truth this holds in real life.

(2 Para) * Examination of men through history"¦The typical roles of men in the past. These roles led up to where we are today.

* Examination of women through history"¦Why women should stay in the kitchen"¦Where feminism began and where it went wrong.

* Conclusion"¦Both men and women should stay where they belong and deal with it.