Women's right to vote.

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Why has it always been the case that woman had to fight for their rights to be recognized? From the right to an opinion, to the right to be treated as equals, women have struggled to obtain those liberties.

The lawas of marriage were just few of the many unfair laws to women. When a woman married and became a mother, she was expected to leave her job, if she was working, and stay home. At this point, the father / husband, has total control of the family, deciding from what food they will eat to what clothes they will wear. If the man decides to leave his wife, she is left with absolutely nothing, no financial security. The woman has no voice in either of the men`s choices or actions. In most cases, the men will treat their women as equal, but for those who are different, the law should be changed to deal with them.

Another example to preve the unfairness of English laws are the laws that state that a child`s mother is not considered his / her mother and has no say over the child`s future. The father of the child will decide everything.

In all, it seems that women had no point in society. Their basic need was to reproduce and maintain the household. It didn`t matter if they went to college, they were never placed at a job after completing their courses. Men were guaranteed jobs no matter if their courses were completed or not. This is why women fought for their rights to vote, because a vote does make a difference in a life that is lived unfair. A woman will never give up her duties at home, she will just feel more important hetting them done. Her life will have had greater...