Arthur Radley Psychiatric Report

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Psychiatric Examination Report

Subject: Arthur Radley

Location of Examination: Radley House

Date: November 22, 19XX


I was asked by the county of Maycomb to investigate the mental stability and potential danger to the community of the individual Arthur Radley. Various reports have been filed with county officials asserting that the subject may present a threat of danger to himself and others. I visited the subject at his home on a Friday at nine a.m.

Examination Details

I opened the door to the subject's room and let myself in. Speaking in a calm voice, I approached the subject, who was crouching in a corner. He was abnormally thin and pale. His blank facial expression communicated no emotion, and he seemed alienated from his environment. Although it was a sunny day, the small room was dark because the shade had been drawn on the only window. The walls were covered with random childish scribbles, and insects could be seen crawling across the floor.

There was a stench of sweat in the dusty, stale air.

The subject stared back at me with dilated eyes and mumbled repeatedly and almost incoherently, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" When I answered, "I'm a doctor here to help," the subject's expression seemed to relax somewhat, possibly due to my showing concern for him. As the conversation progressed, the subject's answers to my questions revealed that he was nervous but also eager to open up to me. It was sometimes difficult for him to articulate his thoughts; however, he maintained consistent eye contact and his voice was well modulated throughout our interview. The subject's countenance showed sadness and regret when I asked about reports of past violent behavior towards others.


Based on my observations during the interview, I have concluded that the...