To Kill A Mockingbird

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Essay On "˜To Kill A Mockingbird' In her book To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee suggests that, in maturing, children must learn tolerance and respect for others.

A person Jem and his sister Scout learn a few things from in the book is Mrs. Dubose. She is a morphine addict, which Scout and Jem don't know until Atticus tells them. When ever they want to go to town, they have to walk past her house and she always says mean things to them until one day Jem has enough of her and cuts all her flowers heads off. As a punishment, Atticus, his father, makes him read to her everyday, which keeps her busy, and she manages to get off the morphine. A few weeks later she dies and Atticus tells them she was a morphine addict. From her, Jem and Scout learn to tolerate most of the stupid things some people say.

Jem also learns that it is not a solution to break other peoples things or to use violence. When she dies, Jem and Scout realize why she always was that mean to them and they learn not to judge people, before they actually really know them. If they had taken their time and gotten to know her and gotten to know that she was a morphine addict they might have been able to help her without thinking that reading to her is a punishment. Also they could have tried to see what she feels like, being alone without anyone to talk to.

Tom Robinson is a colored man who is accused of raping Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewells daughter. His one arm is crippled from an accident he had as a little kid, so he couldn't have done it, but still the court says he is guilty...